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Transporting a Heavy Load

Over the past few weeks we have highlighted specific companies in different industries utilizing the GoPet electric scooter. This last installment comes from RPR Products. For more information on the GoPet electric scooter and other material handling products you can visit us online at

For Richard Polasek, Production Engineer at RPR Products, performing maintenance at a large facility while hauling 40 lbs. of tools necessitated an electric vehicle. Located in Houston, Texas, RPR Products is a supplier of metal jacketing and industrial siding.

Transporting a Heavy Load

Among Polasek’s primary responsibilities is maintaining manufacturing equipment, along with other projects throughout the facility. He estimates he was walking several miles a day carrying his tool bag.

“I was walking back and forth from building to building with a 40 pound bag and it was a hassle,” explains Polasek. “I can’t tell you how much time I wasted just walking.”

When no personnel movers are available, the “solution” often becomes usurping material handling equipment like forklifts and electric pallet jacks to transport personnel. However, these large, unwieldy, and expensive vehicles are not designed for that purpose and using them can be dangerous to both warehouse personnel as well as the warehouse itself.

Polasek admits that he was frequently caught driving a forklift.

“There would be some days where I wasn’t about to try and walk, especially toward the end of the day when my legs were so tired,” says Polasek. “So I would grab a forklift.”

After a discussion with the company’s forklift distributor, Polasek decided to heed his recommendation and purchased a GoPet Electric Scooter.

Polasek estimates he saves several hours per week in walking time. Among the benefits he enjoys is being able to drive the scooter between pieces of manufacturing equipment for maintenance – spaces that are only a few feet wide.

When Polasek was without the scooter for a short period of time due to a flat tire, he instantly noticed a difference in productivity, as well as the effect on his body.

“I was drained by the end of each day because I had to walk everywhere again,” says Polasek.