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No Segway GoPet Electric Scooter

For Doug Buehl, Risk Manager at metal component manufacturer Clow Stamping, trips from one end of the company’s 250,387 square foot facility in Merrifield, MN of a quarter mile each way stimulated his desire for a better solution.

Initially, Buehl considered the Segway. The Segway comes the closest to meeting the design functionality of an electric scooter, though at approximately three times the cost. However, concerns over the safety of the Segway, which are two wheeled devices that require balance and leaning of the body to operate, along with the amount of time required to master this technique, deterred him.

“The Segway cost more and seemed a little less safe,” says Buehl.

After purchasing a GoPet scooter as a trial run, Clow Stamping purchased three additional scooters, to be shared among personnel operating in each of three 8 hour shifts. The scooters are used for shift supervision, maintenance, and transportation of overnight shipping packages from the delivery area using the trailer cart accessory.

Buehl estimates that one key shift supervisor was walking over 6 miles each day, at a loss of 2 hours of time per shift. Now, with the electric scooter, “he travels more distance than he could possibly walk in a day,” says Buehl.

He adds that the supervisor is one of many of the company’s current 400+ employees that have been with the company for 20-30 years, which means they are in their 50s and 60s.

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