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A Safe and Profitable 2013

For most, this time of year is one of planning and resolutions. We’re not talking about those 20 pounds you want to lose or that wasted gym membership. Keeping expenses down, innovation, impeccable customer service and increasing profits is at the top of most fiscal punch lists. What about safety? What are the proper procedures for your company? What steps or products can be used to reduce downtime or injuries?

Our safety products are designed to keep your work environment safe at the lowest cost for the greatest surety. Guard Rail Posts & Rails make up a system of guards from as simple as a single rail barrier in front of an electrical panel to a complete perimeter guard. Easy to install, they protect your identified danger areas while maintaining an aesthetically pleasing display.

MightyLift Barriers and Safety Products

Machinery guards are designed to protect stationary assets by absorbing impact or simply disallowing access to an area. They are available to two profiles to best fit your machinery applications.

Rack guards wrap the leading leg of the pallet rack uprights with protection and then continue along the depth of the rack frame. They reduce vulnerability to damage from motorized traffic.

Steel safety bollards are useful to protect equipment or property from motorized traffic and protect people as well. Strategically placed they can also direct traffic flow and disallow certain equipment within an area. All products are powder coated safety yellow.

So as you prepare your company to be a profitable one, make sure you design it to be a safe one as well. For more information on our extensive safety product line visit is online at www.mightylift.com or give us a call at 877.916.7600.

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