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Rev up the Pace!

With the slow rebound of economy and 2-3% predicated growth in 2013, more and more businesses look for ways to cut cost and increase productivity. As a result, large manufacturing plants and distribution warehouses are increasingly turning to small electric scooters to shave off miles of unproductive walking time.

The goal:  To recoup lost hours walking for more productive tasks, reduce wear and tear on employee’s bodies, and prevent the misappropriation of material handling equipment such as forklifts, taggers and pallet jacks for simply moving personnel around.

With the average walking speed estimated at 3.1 mph, even a distance of a half a mile and back, several times a day, can eat up 4-5 hours each week in walking time. Multiply that by several employees and multiple shifts and the production loss adds up quickly.

Excessive daily walking also takes a toll in wear and tear on employees. Even healthy personnel that travel daily throughout the facility can become fatigued, which can lead to mistakes, injuries or lost productivity. This is exacerbated for older employees, those that have difficulty walking, and those with disabilities.

As a result, many plant, warehouse and distribution center managers are turning to small, one-person electric scooters as an economical, safe and eco-friendly solution.

Electric scooters fill a gap in the market, namely safe, efficient personnel movers at an affordable price. A small, one-person electric scooter costs between 20-30% of the price of electric utility carts (golf carts), Segways, T3s, ATVs and other personnel movers.

Today’s leading industrial electric scooters can achieve speeds up to 16 mph, to distances of 25 miles on a single, ten cent charge. Because they are small, they fit easily through standard doorways and narrow aisles found in many of today’s large warehouses. They are also extremely quiet and operate without emissions, making it ideal for noise pollution and clean air standards.

Tasks in a plant or warehouse where scooters are ideal include supervisor rounds, picking small items from inventory, maintenance, and conducting inventory counts and meter readings, to name a few.

At a retail cost of less than $2000, the return on investment for an electric scooter can be as little as one month, if 2-3 people sharing the scooter save an average of one hour a day simply by not having to walk throughout the plant.

Check back with us this month as we take a look at specific companies integrating the efficiency of GoPet Electric Scooter in their business. For more information about the GoPet Electric Scooter and other material handling equipment, give us a call, toll-free, at 877.916.7600 or visit us online at