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Rev Up the Pace – Part 2

This week we are taking a look at an example of a company utilizing the GoPet electric scooter from Mighty Lift to maximize their efficiency.

Recently, General Manager Lona Smith decided to invest in 5 electric scooters for use at Hallmark’s 300,000 square foot distribution center located at SubTropolis, the largest underground business complex in the world.

The man-made limestone cave in Kansas City, Missouri, contains almost seven miles of illuminated, paved roads and several miles of railroad track.

Within this complex, 5 million square feet is dedicated to housing approximately 50 different tenants, including Hallmark Retail, which ships gift products to hundreds of corporately-owned Gold Crown Hallmark stores throughout the United States.

After some investigation, Smith decided on GoPet electric scooters from Mighty Lift Inc., a manufacturer and wholesaler of material handling equipment.

The GoPet Scooter, which retails for $1995, is a patented, three-wheeled scooter designed to allow warehouse personnel a faster, safer, and more capable mode of transportation around a facility.

The scooter comes with the option of several accessories, including a small trailer that can haul items up to 350 lbs of total weight, a small front basket for carrying small packages or other items, and the option of a seat for those that prefer not to stand while riding.

For Hallmark, the scooters are used by employees and facility managers for everything from supervision to researching inventory issues, identifying automation production issues, transporting paperwork and moving from one place to another.

General Manager Lona Smith estimates that each scooter saves employees up to 10 mile per day total in walking over the course of the company’s daily three shift operation. Smith uses a scooter herself to conduct site surveys throughout the facility.

“It definitely frees up employee time they would have spent just literally walking from one location back to their office area to do other, more meaningful functions,” says Smith.

In search of a solution to cover the vast distances at SubTropolis, Smith initially approved the purchase of a golf cart. However, she says it required a lot of maintenance, including frequent battery changes.

“For us, it made a lot of sense: one golf cart or 5 GoPets,” says Smith. She adds that it is highly likely they will purchase more GoPet scooters in the future.

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