Manual Stackers

The Mighty Lift Manual Straddle Stacker with 2200 lbs. capacity is an economical choice for a variety of basic material handling needs. Our product design is simple, reliable, and easy to operate.

Safety features include safety brakes, operator safety grate, and an auto-return handle.
Adjustable forged steel forks
Compact vehicle design provides exceptional maneuverability in tight areas
Manual foot operated lifting/lowering

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  • Product
  • Fork Size
  • Load Capacity
  • Min Height
  • Max Lift Height
  • Weight
  • MST22

    • Fork Size 36”
    • Load Capacity 2200 Lbs.
    • Min Height 2.8"
    • Max Lift Height 63" | 98" | 118"
    • Weight 540
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