Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks

Heavy Duty, Stainless Steel Pallet Jack/Stainless Steel Pallet Truck

The only true stainless steel pallet jack/stainless steel pallet truck on the market, our pallets are built with tough 304 stainless material that will resist corrosion, heat damage and chemical damage. Our pallet jacks and pallet trucks guarantee a high hygiene standard, low maintenance cost, and long term value.

Mighty Lift’s Stainless Steel Pallet Jack/Truck are designed from all stainless steel construction that offers great durability in tough environments. Our jacks and trucks also meet sanitary requirements for food, medical, and pharmaceutical products. Backed by a 2 year warranty and we offer 24 hour shipment.

Super performance in tough environments
All stainless steel construction including bearings
Meets sanitary requirements for food, medical and pharmaceutical industries
Includes low-temperature hydraulic oil
Nylon Wheels standard

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  • Capacity
  • Fork Size
  • Distance Between Forks
  • Fork Clearance
  • Fork Width
  • ML55SS

    • Capacity 5500
    • Fork Size 27'' X 48''
    • Distance Between Forks 14.37"
    • Fork Clearance 1.18"
    • Fork Width 6.3"
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