Galvanized Pallet Jacks

Heavy Duty, Galvanized Pallet Jack/Galvanized Pallet Truck

The only galvanized pallet jack on the market with stainless steel bearings and stainless steel chains. Featuring a hot dip galvanized handle and galvanized frame, our galvanized pallet jack is built with industrial strength to stand up to corrosion, heat damage, and chemical damage. The pallet jack boasts a high hygiene standard, low maintenance cost, and long term value.

Mighty Lift’s Galvanized Pallet Jack is designed to carry extremely heavy loads (up to 5500 lbs), increasing productivity up to 40% while reducing muscle fatigue and repetitive bending, twisting, and lifting. Our galvanized pallet is backed by a 2 year warranty and we offer 24 hour shipment.

Hot dipped galvanized steel for wet areas
Perfect for chemical, fishing, meat processing industries
Nylon wheels standard
Includes low-temperature hydraulic oil
Optional stainless steel bearing and chains

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  • ML55GLV

    • Description Galvanized
    • Capacity 5500
    • Fork Size 27'' X 48''
    • Distance Between Forks 14.37"
    • Fork Clearance 1.18"
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