Pallet Jacks-Pallet Trucks

Pallet jacks also known as Pallet Trucks are used in every warehouse, manufacturing plant, job site and retail store. Pallet jacks are perhaps the most common tool found in the supply chain. The Mighty Lift pallet jack is a workhorse, designed to do it’s job every hour of every shift of every day. The most common item moved on a pallet jack is obviously pallets. While in the North American marketplace the 48”d x 40”w is normally used there are a number of other sizes to be considered when choosing width and fork length of your pallet jack.

The good news is …they are all in stock at Mighty Lift. Look through our product catalog on this site and find the exact unit for your application. A call to our Houston sales office or an email will get you any help you require. Contact us today for more information!