Narrow & Short Pallet Jacks

ML2042 is a Narrow & Short Pallet Jacks product manufactured by Mighty Lift. Request a Quote below for this and other material handling equipment.

Many manufacturing environments use special size pallets or they are handling odd shaped loads. At Mighty Lift we stock many sizes that others consider specials. While some of their applications are quite unique we are committed to supplying, from stock, the vast majority of requirements. Widths of 16”, 20” and 27” combined with fork lengths from 36” out to 96” are found in our Houston warehouse for immediate shipment. Follow thru on a unit listed on this page and you will be able to print a spec sheet to capture the model or models for your decision making. Call or email us today for clarification, to check quantities in stock or get a freight rate to your door.

  • 2,000+ jacks in stock for immediate shipment
  • Wider, shorter, longer sizes in stock
  • Custom sizes and finishes available for order
  • Quick-ship from strategically-located warehouses within 24 hours
  • Parts in stock for repair or rebuild needs



Fork Size

Distance Between Forks

Fork Clearance

Fork Width

Min/Max Height

Wheel Steer Load

Unit Weight

SKU: ML2042