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Kroger Co. Seeks Innovative Companies like Mighty Lift

The first Kroger Co. Supplier Innovation Summit was held May 21, 2019 in Cincinnati, Ohio. The event brought together Kroger division leaders with a cross section of America’s most innovative suppliers, and Mighty Lift was honored to participate. There were over 300 applicants, from which 82 were selected by category managers.

Kroger Company ProfileWith aggressive companies like Amazon moving into the grocery sector, Kroger is thinking creatively to compete. They are partnering with British robotics superstar Ocado Technologies, which has developed grocery selecting robots capable of filling a 50 item order in under five minutes. In the next five years, Kroger plans to build 20 sheds where these robots will fill customer orders.Kroger has an ambitious goal to grow their company by $10 billion over the next five years. To achieve this, the company is getting creative, partnering with Walgreens to provide fresh produce and more to the mega-retailer’s locations. This supports one of their core tenets, partnering with other companies to enhance customer value. Walgreen’s traffic is up 20%!

It is important for Kroger to have pallet jacks that can stand up to the heavy use in sometimes harsh environments. Through contacts made at the Innovation Summit, Mighty Lift hopes to soon be providing pallet jacks to fulfill this need.

Kroger also seeks to improve our communities with initiatives like its Zero Hunger / Zero Waste plan, the goal of which is to end hunger in our communities and end waste company wide by 2025. They are accelerating food donations to provide over 3 billion healthy, balanced meals through partnerships organizations that include Feed America and the World Wildlife Fund, among others.

Mighty Lift shares these values.

We support Meals on Wheels and the Houston Food Bank, as well as sponsoring an orphanage in China where we provide the children with fruit, eggs, milk, and clothing.

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Southwest Seafood – Testimonial – Pallet Jacks

Quality businesses need quality products – like quality pallet jacks.

Sammy has been with Southwest Seafood since 1998 to help expand the Spanish speaking market. Originally from Puerto Rico, he came to Houston to help his dad who also worked in the same industry.  Both worked for a time together.  Since then, Houston and Southwest Seafood has been his home.

Founded in 1995 by Doug Vingoe and Leonardo Torcio, the company has come a long way from its early days. Sammy recalls that they went from 2 salespeople to 7 and now they are up to 29 with sales growing from $1M to a record $15M in 2018. “We do what no one else can do, we deliver same day.  Anything before 2 PM, we deliver same day. No one else does that.” says Sammy. This has been a key to their success.

Another key to their success has been finding and working with quality products that can keep up with the demands that they place on their equipment – like pallet jacks.  “We’ve tried other pallet jack brands and they all rot, the seals bust and they would only last about six months.  After breaking down, we had to set them aside because we couldn’t use them anymore,” according to Sammy.  “The environment we work in is cold and wet with a lot of salt water.  We searched for good quality pallet jacks that didn’t require a lot of maintenance, had parts available and good service.  That’s why we stick with Mighty Lift – because it’s a really good product.  Mighty Lift’s pallet jacks last a long time and are worth the money.”

In 1998, Southwest Seafood was listed as one of “Houston’s Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies” and named one of Houston’s top minority owned companies. In 2004 and 2005, Southwest Seafood was a featured company in “Houston’s Small Business 100” in the Houston Business Journal.

Southwest Seafood services the Houston, Conroe, Kemah, Galveston, and Sealy areas and everywhere in between and supplies the Houston market with the best quality seafood available.  They receive their seafood from the Gulf of Mexico, Europe, Latin America, and South Africa.

Learn more about the Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack here!

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Mighty Lift helps our customers celebrate Easter

This spring, we feature our seafood industry customers

Did you know that in advance of Easter Sunday, seafood producers see more business than practically any other time of year? Mighty Lift’s customer Southwest Seafood, specializing in quality seafood like Branzino, Cigalas and more, regularly moves about 12,000-15,000 pounds of seafood every two weeks. However, when planning for one of restaurant business’s busiest holidays, Easter, Southwest Seafood moves close to 50,000 pounds of fresh fish and crustaceans. Mighty Lift’s quality products keep businesses responding to high volume demands, helping them stay on top of opportunity.


Sourcing the best seafood requires excellent equipment and innovation: Mighty Lift’s stainless steel components

Hours of quietly fishing at the end of a dock. Nets cast against the sunrise on glistening open water. Hard working folks, pulling in the day’s catch. These are the images that may come to mind when about supplying the seafood business. We rarely think about the engineering it takes to handle large quantities of fish and shellfish in the seafood industry for retail and restaurant wholesale.

“We have gone through many, many, different pallet jacks before we ended up with a Mighty Lift,” reports an employee at Gulf Coast Oysters, an oyster processing plant in Dickenson, TX and national supplier of fresh oysters. “With other brands we’ve tried, we’ve had problems with the paint coming off within as little as a few days and then soon stop working.” Gulf Coast Oysters moves up to 2,000 pounds of salty product regularly, and Mighty Lift’s stainless steel components has our seafood customers impressed and satisfied.

Mighty Lift’s customer service team asks every customer: “Is there anything else we can do to better serve you?” And then we do something about it, like improving on our pallet jacks by  using state-of-the-art stainless steel components on our pallet jacks. This is how Mighty Lift has earned a solid reputation in the industry as a quality manufacturer and wholesaler of material handling equipment.

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Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack

There are few pieces of equipment in warehousing, manufacturing and general business as ubiquitous as the pallet jack. Sometimes called a pallet truck it is the workhorse of any production or processing facility. Almost any product or material is at some point palletized. Those pallets are moved by either power equipment like a forklift truck or by a manual pallet jack. 

While the function of almost all pallet jacks is the same there are features and options that make one jack more suited for a job than another. Mighty Lift has done extensive field work to develop the features of its standard pallet jack line and the options necessary to adapt them for specific tasks. Here we discuss the options that make the Mighty Lift ML55GLV the right truck for a wide range of applications involving water, salt, chemicals and low temperature.

Features – Here is a list of features of the Mighty Lift galvanized pallet jack and reasons they make this jack a good investment.

  • The entire steel frame and handle assembly are hot dipped galvanized to stand up to corrosion brought about by humidity or chemicals used in an application. Here is a discussion on the benefits of galvanizing.
  • The hydraulic pump assembly is galvanized and uses low-temperature hydraulic oil. This will help prevent sweat of the pump being used in cold temperature for a period of time.
  • All wheels (steer wheels 8” x 2”, load wheels 3.75” x 3” & entry / exit rollers) are nylon. Here is a discussion on the use of nylon in these environments.
  • For extremely corrosive applications. the Mighty Lift ML55GLV is fitted with stainless steel bearings and chain. Mighty Lift is the only company in the market to offer such stainless steel upgrade on galvanized pallet jack.
  • Backed by 2 year warranty with replacement parts in stock.



  • The handle completely protects the operator’s hands from impact. It is also cushioned where the user has complete control of guiding, raising, and lowering the jack.
  • The raise/lower function of the hydraulics is activated using the lever located inside the protection of the handle. The operator does not have to move his hand from its command position to raise or drop the load. Keep in mind that a quick and effective method of stopping a loaded pallet jack is to drop the load and this is easily done with any Mighty Lift pallet truck.
  • A toe activated hydraulic release is located on the side of the pump as a secondary way to lower the load.
  • Multiple grease fittings (zerks) located all over the frame allows easy lubrication of moving parts.

The benefit of galvanizing a pallet jack

Hot-dipped galvanizing is a process of applying a protective zinc coating by dipping product in a bath of molten zinc. This method is preferred on pallet jacks as it gives a much thicker coating than can be achieved by zinc plating (zinc is applied by using a current of electricity). It is the most common outdoor protective coating in use.

According to the American Galvanizers Association, carbon steel like the heavy duty steel used to build the Mighty Lift line of pallet trucks, can fall prey to corrosion by a couple of different methods. Atmospheric corrosion is the most common and happens when steel is exposed to the atmosphere. It reacts with the air and moisture to develop oxides. Rate of oxidation depends on temperature, humidity, rainfall or spraying, chemicals (among them sulfur dioxide in the air) and the salinity of the air. The more an atmosphere (working environment) has one or more of these present, the faster the oxidation will occur. Hot-dip galvanizing resists corrosion by providing a barrier and cathodic protection, as well as through the development of the zinc patina. These three levels of corrosion protection provide galvanized steel with maintenance-free longevity for decades.

The effect of low temperatures on hydraulic oil

Some applications like chillers and freezers require the equipment to be modified in ways that allow it to function in these colder temperatures. Hydraulic fluids have a viscosity range where normal operation is possible. If you use a pallet jack or any hydraulic pump in a temperature range outside the oils design you will get poor performance or downright failure. Some oils are designed to operate at these colder temperatures…these are the oils Mighty Lift uses in our ML55GLV galvanized pallet jack.

Nylon’s use on the Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack

Nylon’s toughness, low coefficient of friction, and good abrasion resistance make it an ideal replacement for wheel material in a corrosive environment. Nylon has a proven record of outstanding service in such diverse fields as paper, textiles, electronics, construction, mining, metalworking, aircraft, food, and material handling.

Applications where galvanized pallet jack is the best choice

  • Freezers or chillers
  • Operations with spray cleanup
  • Meat & Seafood
  • Outside storage
  • Sanitation management
  • Clean Room
  • Harsh chemical handling
  • ISO 3691-5:2014 requirement
  • Pickling
  • Tannery
  • Salt & brine industries
  • Temperature controlled food delivery truck

Real World Testimonials

  • Acadiana Casters & Wheels Co – Robert is the owner of Acadiana Casters in Louisiana for over 20 years. He has many customers in the seafood industry. He said he made a mistake in the past by repairing a standard PJ with rusty wheels from a seafood company. The wheels were so locked up that they had to use a torch to separate the parts. In the end, the parts were not reusable. Since then, they recommend to all their seafood customers to use the Mighty Lift galvanized pallet jack (Model ML55GLV).

    Another of his customers is an alligator farm that also used standard pallet jacks. The standard handle chain became rusty and corroded and the wheels locked up. Two things that most commonly occurred was the corrosion knocked out the lift chain and the wheel bearings. The customer stated that after one year of use, the pallet jack was unusable and discarded. He could not find any company to provide a galvanized pallet jack with a stainless steel chain and wheel bearings until he found Acadiana Caster & Wheel Co.

    Since discovering Acadiana and Mighty Lift, the galvanized pallet jacks continue to operate season after season and is the only pallet jack they will buy. Robert believes all customers in the seafood industry should use galvanized instead of the painted or powder-coated pallet trucks to save time and money in the long run.
  • Gingrich Animal Supply – Purchased back in Aug 2016, Lisa says, “We love the Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack”. She said they typically would go through 2 to 3 pallet trucks a year because they just didn’t hold up! This one (ML55GLV) has not only held up but also easy to use – they are getting ready to purchase another one soon! They use it for hauling live feed.

    She said her guys fight over it! They constantly pressure wash it and are extremely impressed that the wearable parts have all held up and still in good condition! WOW!
  • Maine Seafood Ventures – Process and wholesale Maine lobsters. They have had the ML55GLV they’re operating for over 2 years. The unit was purchased before the current manager started working there. Although they couldn’t remember the brand they purchased before, they claim it didn’t last more than 3 months. They fail and cannot be repaired and were thrown away.

    In two years of owning the Mighty Lift Galvanized Pallet Jack, the only thing they’ve had to change are the load wheels. Purchased replacement nylon wheels with stainless steel bearings.
  • Southwest Seafood – check out their testimonial here

In conclusion, if you are:

A material handling dealer – you need to make yourself familiar with the Mighty Lift ML55GLV. It serves a real need to a wide range of industries that have a real problem. By solving their issues, you will get a sale and you might just get a customer. Someone who trusts and depends on you to help solve other needs beyond the first transaction.

A business owner or manager with a corrosive problem – View more about our galvanized pallet jacks or call us at (877) 916-7600. You will be glad you did.

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Mighty Lift Modular Platform Truck

Model #CapacityDimensionCastersNet Weight
FD100300 lbs.16”x24”3” Polyolefin Casters24 lbs.

This mighty versatile platform truck will adapt to different environments and projects of all sizes. The modular design allows for a custom platform to be built for individual jobs. Each module has molded tabs and corresponding openings that easily fit together without using tools, allowing each to be linked together to form wider or longer carts. The modular platform truck has rounded edges that make them easy to carry and position for stacking.

Designed for manufacturing, warehouse operations, assembly and home use, the modular platform permits a safe and clean work area with a simple and maneuverable platform for keeping contents off the floor. The mighty lift modular truck is well matched for easy moving of heavy boxes, furniture, totes, or large components. View our platform trucks today to request a quote or contact us for more information!

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Supporting Charitable Organizations Across the US

Wounded Warrior Project

At Mighty Lift, our commitment to charitable projects is as strong as our commitment to customer satisfaction and innovative products. That is why we are proud to be the supporter of material handling needs for several wonderful organizations.

We were thankful to have the opportunity to support Medina Creative Housing, an organization that provides housing and vocational training to individuals with special needs in Medina, Ohio. We donated one of our ML55 pallet jacks for use in their facility.

Another donation we are very proud of is of several hand trucks and one of our ML55 to the Wildlife Waystation of the Angeles National Forest in California, a non-profit sanctuary for wild and endangered animals. According to the foundation, they utilize Mighty Lift products to transport food and animal supplies around the facility.

In recent years Mighty Lift has also supported Veterans of the Wounded Warriors Project and it is one of our greatest honors to do so.

We look forward to future opportunities to help local communities and organizations.

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Lift Up Your Community – High (Scissor) Lift Pallet Jacks

Houston Food Bank HL33 – High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks

The Houston Food Bank is a non-profit, food donation organization that provides aid to residents in the Houston area. The utilize volunteer power to sort, pack and re-distribute food to the community and other hunger relief charities.

High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks by Mighty Lift High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks by Mighty Lift

In 2011, had a problem with transporting large sacks of rice and other grains to the weigh station. From there they needed to be able to lift the sacks high enough to weigh and package the product. This is where Mighty Lift stepped in and suggest our HL33 High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks.

Without this new, specialized equipment this task would be labor intensive and time consuming.

The Mighty Lift HL33 high lift pallet jack (scissor lift pallet jack) lifts the sacks of grain to 31.5 inches, making the product easily accessible to the volunteers. Using high lift pallet jacks prevents constant bending and lifting which reduces back strain, fatigue, injury and increases productivity.

HL33 - High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks HL33 - High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks

Our high lift pallet jack helped fulfill the needs of the Houston Food Bank and the main facility now operates 20 units of HL33 high lift pallet jacks. Volunteers in the weighing room are able to weigh and pack grains safer and faster. This helps the Houston Food Bank achieve their goal of feeding the hungry.

View information on Mighty Lift’s HL33 High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jackscontact us for more information.

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Electric Scooter Increases Productivity in Warehouses

Personal transport vehicle saves each worker an hour per day of walking time.

Electric Scooter Increases Productivity in Warehouses

Hallmark’s Kansas City distribution center faced a growing problem for its large distribution centers: excessive walking distances. Not only was time lost walking through large facilities, but the added miles were also hard on the employees’ bodies. With a fleet of electric scooters, the company has reduced fatigue that once lowered productivity and led to costly mistakes.

Lona Smith, general manager at the Hallmark facility, says the new three-wheel scooters allow staff to move much faster within the warehouse. “One charge and the scooters will run all day,” he says. “It’s much better than walking.”

The scooters can travel 24 miles on a charge, using 48-volt, 350-watt front hub direct drive motor. When not in use, the battery will hold its charge for weeks. The compact size allows the vehicle to go through doorways and avoid blocking the drive aisles.

Smith says the scooters will carry workers up to 300 pounds sitting or standing, and can tow up to 400 pounds. A detachable front basket and a back storage box might help a shift manager, inventory control clerk and a maintenance worker share a scooter, saving each worker an average of one hour per day.

Mighty Lift Inc.
US Distributor for MyGoPET Inc.

-As seen in Modern Materials Handling

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New “Max” Air-Free Hand Truck Wheel

Carefree wheels are the trend among hand truck users since it will never go flat and thus save all the troubles of constantly air up the tire and replacing the tire.  To make it even better, Mighty Lift offers  new “MAX” Air-Free style carefree wheel.  It uses high impact, super strong plastic hub, thus reduces the weight of a carefree wheel made of steel hub by 2 lbs per hand truck. This feature provides a minimal load capacity trade-off.

Mighty Lift Tires

Additionally, our reliable reinforced high-tensile steel precision bearings provide maximum durability to help extend the life of the wheel. The MAX weighs only 2.9 pounds, nearly one pound lighter than our standard air-free wheel, and an amazing 1.5 pounds lighter than a standard pneumatic wheel. Each MAX wheel is individually rated for 300 pounds capacity, or 600 pounds on a hand truck.

Material handling dealers love them because the Max wheels fly off their shelves constantly. One of our dealers in Michigan was quoted as saying, “The customers are really interested in these, they always ask me what they are when they come in, some even tell me they decided to buy them just because they look cool and it was something different, the light weight is definitely a plus”.

The weight savings are definitely felt by those who use them on a day to day basis, according to one local FedEx driver Robert, “The wheels roll smooth and make the truck easier to carry, and the weight savings these wheels provide really helps over my daily route”.

Mighty Lift Tires

In addition to those looking for an air-free design that won’t break the bank, MAX wheels are perfect for food distributors, delivery drivers, and more. For a quote or to locate your nearest dealer, please contact us today at 1-877-916-7600.

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Going the Distance – 8 foot Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift 8 foot Pallet Jack
Mighty Lift 8 foot Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift has always been proud to be a customer focused company with an ability to offer specialized products to our customers. One product that certainly stands out would be our eight foot pallet jack, the “ML2796”. Developed in partnership with Wal-Mart to meet the a project to assist moving store fixtures, this pallet jack features one piece cold rolled structural steel forks. The advantage to this process is increased strength and rigidity not found in competing jacks made of roll formed steel.

The ranges of applications for this product are vast, varying from construction, manufacturing, farms, retail, and warehousing sectors to handle super long products.  One of our customers in the scaffolding industry faced challenges maneuvering his materials on a job site – “The pieces just will not find on a standard pallet, we needed something long enough that could carry our scaffolding pieces during assembly on the job.”

Construction is another industry which uses this product quite often. We have even shipped to a job site in the Bahamas for moving large glass sheets during construction of a new Casino. As always, the jack is covered by our comprehensive Mighty Lift warranty for peace of mind.

All of our manual jacks come with a two year warranty on the pump, one year on the frame, and ninety days on wheels and small parts. Our products are made to last, and our parts are available domestically for immediate shipping. Please contact us today for a quote at 1-877-282-2577.