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New “Max” Air-Free Hand Truck Wheel

Carefree wheels are the trend among hand truck users since it will never go flat and thus save all the troubles of constantly air up the tire and replacing the tire.  To make it even better, Mighty Lift offers  new “MAX” Air-Free style carefree wheel.  It uses high impact, super strong plastic hub, thus reduces the weight of a carefree wheel made of steel hub by 2 lbs per hand truck. This feature provides a minimal load capacity trade-off.

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Additionally, our reliable reinforced high-tensile steel precision bearings provide maximum durability to help extend the life of the wheel. The MAX weighs only 2.9 pounds, nearly one pound lighter than our standard air-free wheel, and an amazing 1.5 pounds lighter than a standard pneumatic wheel. Each MAX wheel is individually rated for 300 pounds capacity, or 600 pounds on a hand truck.

Material handling dealers love them because the Max wheels fly off their shelves constantly. One of our dealers in Michigan was quoted as saying, “The customers are really interested in these, they always ask me what they are when they come in, some even tell me they decided to buy them just because they look cool and it was something different, the light weight is definitely a plus”.

The weight savings are definitely felt by those who use them on a day to day basis, according to one local FedEx driver Robert, “The wheels roll smooth and make the truck easier to carry, and the weight savings these wheels provide really helps over my daily route”.

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In addition to those looking for an air-free design that won’t break the bank, MAX wheels are perfect for food distributors, delivery drivers, and more. For a quote or to locate your nearest dealer, please contact us today at 1-877-916-7600.

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