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Harvest Time – Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Appalachian Harvest ML55-SS – Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

ML55-SS Stainless Steel Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift worked with a non-profit organization – helps rural farmers that are no longer able to make a living growing tobacco, convert their farms to grow organic produce – to find the right pallet jack to meet their requirements. We received a call from this customer looking for a stainless steel pallet jack due to recent changes in food regulations with the warehouse they distribute too. Due to a rule change, all incoming food had to be handled with stainless steel food grade pallet jacks instead of a standard model due to concerns about contamination.

A stainless steel pallet jack is required due to the rules of a specific food processing facility they were working with on their produce. These increased regulations are due to tightening government food safety standards and regulation of food safety. They are trying to keep ahead of the curve by requiring stainless steel pallet jacks. Stainless steel is rated higher for food safety as paint cannot chip and cause a contamination hazard, surface is easy to sanitize and no rust pockets can develop to harbor bacteria that which lowers the safety risks.

The Mighty Lift Stainless Steel Pallet Jack has been a great fit for this organization and we have received reports that it is working well and their produce warehouse standards for use in their facility. For more information on Stainless Steel Pallet Jacks and other Mighty Lift equipment give us a call at 877.916.7600 or 877.282.7558 or visit us online at www.mightylift.com.

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