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Grow Your Business – GoPet Electric Scooter

Oyen Greenhouses GoPet Electric Scooter

We recently worked with an Alberta, Canada-based grower, Oyen Greenhouses, to improve their efficiency with our GoPet Electric Scooter. Packing season, beginning January thru May, is their busiest time. Oyen constantly has to check their plants and take inventory on a daily basis to make sure they keep production and shipping running smoothly.

GoPet Electric Scooter by Mighty Lift GoPet Electric Scooter by Mighty Lift


Due to the adaptability of our GoPet vehicles and the ingenuity of the people at Oyen Greenhouses, they’ve adapted a shelving system to their GoPets to accommodate trays of plants. Gopet has helped them be more efficient by cutting down on the time it takes their growers check inventory, transport plants through different facilities and picking those that ready for packing.

GoPet Electric Scooter by Mighty Lift GoPet Electric Scooter by Mighty Lift


This customer has been a proud GoPet user since 2010 and have been very happy with GoPet’s adaptability, dependability and longevity. Some of the GoPet Electric Scooter features include:

  • Speed: Up to 16 mph
  • Range: Up to 24 miles
  • Motor: 350 watt geared motor
  • Driving System: Powerful 350 watt front hub drive system built into the front wheel
  • Charging Time: 4- 6 hours for pennies
  • Battery: 4 12 volt batteries, 12 AH
  • Battery Type: Sealed lead acid, IAIA certified A67 Or Lithium Battery
  • Battery Charger:110 volt smart charger, UL listed
  • Tires: Front and rear pneumatic
  • Color: White
  • Size: 30×32.3×41.3
  • Weight: 126 lbs

For more information on GoPet Electric Scooters and other Mighty Lift equipment give us a call at 877.916.7600 or 877.282.7558 or visit us online at www.mightylift.com.

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