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Going the Distance – 8 foot Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift 8 foot Pallet Jack
Mighty Lift 8 foot Pallet Jack

Mighty Lift has always been proud to be a customer focused company with an ability to offer specialized products to our customers. One product that certainly stands out would be our eight foot pallet jack, the “ML2796”. Developed in partnership with Wal-Mart to meet the a project to assist moving store fixtures, this pallet jack features one piece cold rolled structural steel forks. The advantage to this process is increased strength and rigidity not found in competing jacks made of roll formed steel.

The ranges of applications for this product are vast, varying from construction, manufacturing, farms, retail, and warehousing sectors to handle super long products.  One of our customers in the scaffolding industry faced challenges maneuvering his materials on a job site – “The pieces just will not find on a standard pallet, we needed something long enough that could carry our scaffolding pieces during assembly on the job.”

Construction is another industry which uses this product quite often. We have even shipped to a job site in the Bahamas for moving large glass sheets during construction of a new Casino. As always, the jack is covered by our comprehensive Mighty Lift warranty for peace of mind.

All of our manual jacks come with a two year warranty on the pump, one year on the frame, and ninety days on wheels and small parts. Our products are made to last, and our parts are available domestically for immediate shipping. Please contact us today for a quote at 1-877-282-2577.

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