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Benefits of Mighty Lift Wire Decking

A strong and stable base is required in order to store and organize heavy products.  Mighty Lift wire decking has a 2500 lb capacity based, upon even load distribution and using rack beams for support. The decking has a rectangular mesh pattern and is galvanized zinc plated for strength and durability.

The good thing about the wire is that it resists rust and corrosion because the wire is made from galvanized steel. This helps to extend the life expectancy of your pallet racks and proves to be an economical resource for warehouses. It is important to be careful when choosing your wire because some are not galvanized, and instead are finished with gray paint which in time will begin to chip.  Galvanized wire decking retains its aesthetic value for a long duration of time.

Additional benefits of wire deck include:

  • Increased visual inspection of products.
  • Sprinkler systems protect products.
  • Light penetrates to lower shelving units.
  • Fire resistant.

Wire decking standard sizes are available for quick shipment and most sizes stocked in flare, grid size U-channel or inverted U-channel designs. They require less maintenance and service due to their self-cleaning capabilities. After installation, there is no more work required.

For larger quantities and a higher cost advantage, Mighty Lift is able to ship containers of wire decking directly to your location. You can order multiple containers of the same size decking, or mix different sizes to best utilize all of the container space.

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