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We bought 10 GoPET. They are used by our inventory control people, day and night shift supervisors. They can go from point A to point B a lot faster than walking. A decent, reliable equipment for us

-Sysco Facility Manager, San Antonio

We bought one GoPET to try. They are faster, quieter, with better mobility than golf cart or tugger. Very cost effective for us. We will buy more in September

-Sysco Director of Fleet and Facilities, Dallas

We have used GoPET since 2009. They work wonderfully, especially after we moved in the new building since it is so big. All our inventory staff and all our supervisors use GoPET. With GoPET, they can move quickly and with ease in our big warehouse. Charge it, you can run all day long. Much better than walking.

-Sysco Facility Director, Houston

When we moved in to this building 5 years ago, our biggest concern was how to move around in the facility that was 3 times bigger than the old place. The purchasing manager back then came with the idea to get GoPET for warehouse managers and supervisors to cover the distances that they had to walk before. That made life a lot easier for all of us at this place to the point that we CAN’T make it without this amazing tool. I highly recommend this fast and perfect size vehicle.

-Sysco Facility Supervisor, Houston

The Go-Pets are very reasonably priced compared to the efficiencies they provide our operation. My management team and I really love how quickly we can get from one end of the facility to the other. Our Go-Pets save hours each week in lost productivity. We are able to get to people and processes much quicker to address needs as they arise. I would definitely recommend these units to other distribution facilities who have to cover a lot square footage and have to coordinate a lot of people and processes. We are more productive with Go-Pets on site!

-Lona, General Manager

I love being able to get around quickly and they hold their charge for a long time.

-Amanda, Operations Manager

For me I have to go out and check on product down all the aisles. The Go-Pet has helped me to be more productive. I can get to our front office quickly versus having to walk there multiple times a day. I would say I am saving at least an hour of walking if not more some days. What a win for our operation!

-Gail, Inventory Control Analyst

I think the scooters are great. My knees and feet are in agreement too. They like the Go-Pets.

-Frank, 2nd Shift Supervisor

The Go-Pets look small but definitely have a lot of power. I am able to get around in the warehouse with more efficiency at a faster pace. It amazes me how durable the trailer is on the back of the Go-Pets. I have to haul full cartons, several at a time, and have not had a problem with them weighing heavily on the tires. The Go-Pets keep a charge for weeks! I would recommend Go-Pets to anyone who needs a great way to get around in a large or small area.

-Cheril, Receiving Analyst

Our main usage is coming from the Lean mythology which is to cut waste where you can and we feel this will be helpful by minimizing wasted time walking. We have not fully rolled this out to all our staff due to we have not completed basic trainings.

At this time, only warehouse management will be using this to quickly get to needed staff/task around our 120,000 square foot facility. Once all staff is trained, they will be able to utilize this for many things such as picking single priority orders by taking advantage of the small foot print which fits well down our narrow picking aisles, but mainly for getting from point A to B more efficiently.

The benefits are at the beginning stage as I’m sure we will find it useful for many applications. We just order the pull behind cart yesterday. I will keep you posted as we move forward.

Thanks for your prompt feedback for the lockout. David

Supervisor, Stores Operations
Material, Logistics & Supplies AA-SMM3
Airbus Americas, Customer Services, Inc.

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