Product Details

Standard Pallet Jacks - ML66BR

The back-rest added to the standard ML66 handles heavier loads and stabilizes them with the help of the back rest.  The standard pallet (48”d x 40”w) is best handled with a pallet jack that is 27” wide and 48” long (fork length). That allows the load wheels (the small ones) to drop thru a spacing on the bottom of the pallet. It gives full support to the load on the pallet and it’s width balances it but remains maneuverable.  The 6,600# capacity is a way to handle heavier unit loads or hedge against high velocity use.

Product #ML66BR
Product NameNew Product
Capacity (lbs.)6600
Fork Size27" x 48"
Distance between forks14.37"
Fork Clearance1.18"
Fork width6.3"
Min. Ht / Max. Ht.2.9"/7.48"
Wheels (Steer/Load)PU/PU
Unit Weight (lbs.)210