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Special Sizes Pallet Jacks - ML2742

Many pallets and other equipment made to be moved by a forklift or pallet jack is set up for this fork width.  27" wide jacks work well with pallets from about 38" wide up.  At 5,500# capacity most unit loads are easy work for the galvanized pump.  That pump is warrantied for two years thanks to the German made seal kit.  Dual entry/exit  rollers where others have only one and 10 grease zirks make this pallet jack not only easy to use but durable as well.  2.9" lowered height gets in and out of even broken or crushed pallets.

Product #ML2742
Capacity (lbs.)5500
Fork Size27" x 42"
Distance between forks14.37"
Fork Clearance1.18"
Fork width6.3"
Min. Ht / Max. Ht.2.9"/7.48"
Wheels (Steer/Load)PU/PU
Unit Weight (lbs.)148