Product Details

4- way Pallet Jacks - ML3348ULP

A four way pallet is made so it can be entered from any side.  This is an efficient but problematic design for pallet jacks.  It is possible to design a pallet in two directions with full height access that is not possible on a four way entry.  There is also a fork spacing issue on 4 way pallets.  The Mighty Lift 4 Way Pallet Jack has an outside fork spread of 33" and comes in two lowered height.  This ML3348LP has a maximum down height of 2" and a capacity of 3,300# while the ML3348ULP is limited to 2,200# and has a down height of 1.75".

Product #ML3348ULP
Capacity (lbs.)2200
Fork Size33" x 48"
Distance between forks23.62"
Fork Clearance0.47"
Fork width4.7“
Min. Ht / Max. Ht.1.75"/6.2"
Wheels (Steer/Load)Pu/Steel
Unit Weight (lbs.)209