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Grocery Industry

The products listed here are often found in grocery warehousing and distribution chains. Other material handling products handled by Mighty Lift might also be found in this market but these are the most common.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jacks

Semi-Electric pallet jack is a name adopted by the industry to describe a pallet jack with some features of a power pallet jack but not all. Self Propelled manual lift pallet jacks. The Mighty Lift semi electric pallet jacks have manual raise and lower but an electric motor and battery that drives the unit (electric propulsion). Unlike some of it's competition the drive is full-time not just starting the load and then disengaging. Mighty Lift semi electric pallet jacks will make the work lighter on the operator without the cost and maintenance of a full power pallet jack.

Model Number WeightShipping DimensionTurning RadiusCapacity (lbs.)Fork SizeDistance between forksFork Clearance
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489 lbs
68.3'' X 40'' X 52''
27" x 48"