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Product #: APT2448

  • Lightweight, solid corrosion resistant aluminum construction for long lasting strength, durability, dependability and maneuverability.
  • Removable aluminum handle can be placed on either end of the platform.
  • Durable extruded corner sockets are integrated into the frame on both ends of the platform to make the handle fit tightly and securely. This feature also allows an additional removable handle to be installed.
  • Heavy duty 4mm caster mounting plate is welded in place for added strength and durability.
  • Two swivel and two rigid 6'' TPR wheels provide easy maneuverability, maximizes productivity delivers good performance on all surface conditions.


Product #APT2448
Deck Size (W x L)24''X48''
Capacity3000 lbs.
Packing1 pc/box
Weight (lbs.)121 lbs.


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