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Product #: W-1035-PNC4-58P

  • Not just another industry standard copy, but designed by an Automotive Tire Engineer
  • Butyl which is used in automobile tires will hold air twice as long as competitor's natural rubber - up to 4 months
  • 2.0mm thick 3-piece zinc plated steel hub. Most competitors use a 1.2mm or less thick hub
  • True 4-ply nylon tire construction, not a factory 4-ply or 4-ply equivalent as most competitors
  • 20% new virgin rubber, not the only 6 to 8% of new rubber used by most competitors
  • Ground hardened precision bearings standard, not the soft inexpensive flanged ball bearing as used by others
  • Tire Pressure to 50 PSI


Product #W-1035-PNC4-58P
Wheel Diameter10"
Tire Size4.10/3.50-4
Hub TypeCentered
Hub Length4"
Load Capacity (lbs)375
Wheel Bore5/8"
Bearing TypePrecision Ball


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