The State of Material Handling – Electric Pallet Jack

Posted on December 3rd, 2013 by

State of Arkansas
EPT30 – Electric Pallet Jack

The State of Arkansas approached Mighty Lift to find an electric pallet jack that was both economical and compact. They needed a pallet jack to be used for deliveries and keep in the back of their freight trailer. The soon realized that some of the other options on the market, including Barrett, are bulky and awkward to operate in confined areas.

The compact design of the EPT30 and the handle location make them easy to maneuver in tight areas. Our EPT30 electric pallet jack is ideal for light to medium duty use. The 70Ah, maintenance-free battery, doesn’t require watering and won’t suffer from the dreaded “Memory-effect” either.

With the EPT30 electric pallet jack they are able to make all their deliveries without sacrificing precious trailer space and allow them the maneuverability they need. For more information on EPT30 electric pallet jack and other Mighty Lift equipment give us a call at 877.916.7600/877.282.7558 or visit us online at

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