How it All Stacks Up – Counter Balance Electric Stacker

Posted on November 19th, 2013 by

E.J. Reynolds Leasing
CB26 – Counter Balance Electric Stacker

Mighty Lift was first contacted by E.J. Reynolds Leasing who were originally looking for an EST35 – Electric Stacker – for use in their warehouse. They compared Mighty Lift’s EST35 with the CB26 – Counter Balance Electric Stacker – and liked the added flexibility that unit offered. With no outriggers it allows for more maneuverability and their warehouse situation required a unit that could roll up to the shelving without any obstructions in the way. E.J. Reynolds was impressed with the electric precision steering and the mast tilt function. These added benefits were a great fit for their warehouse requirements.

They use their CB26 – Counter Balance Electric Stacker – to pick up multiple machine parts on a pallet and lift to chest height. From there they are able to wrap the products with greater ease since there are no outrigger legs on the front of the CB26 as you would normally find on a traditional stacker. The CB26 is a more maneuverable and flexible option for their warehouse with narrow aisles.

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