Lift Tables Features & Benefits

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A lift table is an ergonomic lifting device utilized to raise, lower or tilt workloads such as pallets. They are most commonly seen in warehouse applications; however, there are literally hundreds of uses for lift tables in manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution facilities. Some typical applications include: machine feeding and offloading, product assembly, inspection, quality control, repair, feeding and offloading conveyors, and bridging different conveyor levels.

Lift tables work on the idea of hydraulics where pressure is generated in hydraulic fuels and converted into motion. This type of process allows these machines to take on a whole heap of work and carry countless loads with consistency, sturdiness and extreme durability.

Lift table equipment can help increase overall efficiency in a warehouse while providing much relief to the workers who are tasked with the lifting of heavy objects, goods, or materials.

Benefits of Mighty Lift Tables:

The major benefit of lift tables, and perhaps one of the most important factors when purchasing material handling equipment, is safety.  Investing in lift tables now will not only increase productivity times in the short run, it will work to keep employees safe and healthy for years to come.

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