Lift Up Your Community – High (Scissor) Lift Pallet Jacks

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Houston Food Bank
HL33 – High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks 

The Houston Food Bank is a non-profit, food donation organization that provides aid to residents in the Houston area. The utilize volunteer power to sort, pack and re-distribute food to the community and other hunger relief charities.


In 2011, had a problem with transporting large sacks of rice and other grains to the weigh station. From there they needed to be able to lift the sacks high enough to weigh and package the product. This is where Mighty Lift stepped in and suggest our HL33 High Lift/Scissor Lift Pallet Jacks. Without this new, specialized equipment this task would be labor intensive and time consuming.

The Mighty Lift HL33 high lift pallet jack (scissor lift pallet jack) lifts the sacks of grain to 31.5 inches, making the product easily accessible to the volunteers. Using high lift pallet jacks prevents constant bending and lifting which reduces back strain, fatigue, injury and increases productivity.


Our high lift pallet jack helped fulfill the needs of the Houston Food Bank and the main facility now operates 20 units of HL33 high lift pallet jacks. Volunteers in the weighing room are able to weigh and pack grains safer and faster. This helps the Houston Food Bank achieve their goal of feeding the hungry.

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